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Project SEKOVIS - a web-based frontend for analysis

Analyze anything - anytime.

Originally, the main task of this project was to provide structured real-time data for business reports, taken from a proprietary software solution, that is already running for warehousing and invoicing. The requisites also implicated, that - once a solution was found - all sales personnel should benefit from directly accessing data refering to their served customers - and this should be established online, of course.


General manager Mario Manser testifies: "For over three years, we had different approaches to the problem of analysing our sales data directly and on the fly while remaining dependant on the already installed commercial software. The creative minds at udicom finally solved the problems we had been stepping into."


The problem: limitations of proprietary software

SEKO had been using a 5 client solution for warehousing and invoicing, leaving all administrative tasks to provide data for sales and customer analysis in the hand of the warehouse personnel.

Because of its proprietary architecture, the in-house installed software was not able to fit the needs of anywhere/anytime access for the sales people at SEKO Deutschland. But, all source data is stored in a MSSQL database, and the main task was, to find the exact combination of tables and fields to cherry-pick the goodies.


The solution: Make it web-based

The provided software would not offer any possibility to further classify all customers into customer groups with certain characteristics. The solution is a constantly mirrored working copy of all relevant database tables, complemented with additional data from the newly developed tables in SEKOVIS.

Now, it fairly easy for all sales personnel to log onto the SEKOVIS system and collect all customer-relevant data on the fly. All key assets for successful customer care can be found directly in SEKOVIS and help the guys at SEKO Deutschland to stay in a better touch with their customers, to anticipate any development and - of course - increase efficiency and revenue.