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The Capacity Sensor

Based on an Invention by Dr. Weiss, Dr. Weiss Mikrocomputer-Systeme and udicom AG developed the technology for application in the industrial market.

Practically, the capacity sensor is a row scan camera - but instead of creating a picture of the optical color or brigthness, it generates a picture of the density.

All versions of the capacity sensor communicate to their outside world over ethernet. In the field of computer vision, Cameras utilizing Camera Link before disappear more and more and GigE Vision replaces them. The capacity sensor fits perfectly into this infrastructure.

There are multiple formfactors available:

The basic model. It has one single 5 cm wide electrode. The sensor is powered by Power over Ethernet, reducing wiring complexity on site to a minimum.

The multi channel model. It contains 32 indepedant sensor channels - each 1.5 cm wide. The module is constructed so multiple modules can be connected together seamlessly, allowing for a scan area of arbitrary width. Our UVS Software manages synchronizing the data accordingly.